CONCIERTO 500 – Portable Compact Personal Array System


Powered, portable two-way loudspeaker system with designed for the production and reproduction of live music, music playback, speeches, and A/V sound reproduction
Uniform sound coverage:
Line array loudspeaker technology produces wide, uniform sound coverage throughout the entire listening area—even off to the extreme sides (180°Horizontal Coverage, 40° Horizontal Coverage)
Line / Mic Switch:
Simply place the switch in the MIC position fo dynamic hand-held microphones or on LINE for acoustic guitars or almost any line signal.
Lightweight and Compact
interlocking components for easy transport and soft carry bag for the line array is included.
Offers both collapsed and extended setup positions
Ultra-Portable Integrated System
With the CONCIERTO 500 system, you don’t have to carry a separate amplifier, mixer, PA speakers, subwoofers, or cables. The system’s power stand includes an integrated mixer providing a total of 4 inputs, one output & a built-in Bluetooth module. Just bring your Bluetooth enabled device, laptop, microphones, instruments, and voice. 
Collapsed Configuration
For smaller spaces and table-top placement.
• Intimate acoustic performances
• Music Playback
• Presentations 
• Speeches
Extended Configuration
For larger spaces and floor placement.
• Musical performances (Auditorium / Coffe House)
• DJ Events
• Presentations (Larger Spaces)
​• Speeches (Larger Spaces


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