The CORE 8218SP is a passive 18″ sub-bass system specifically designed to be used with the CORE 8218A active sub-bass cabinet but can be used in a fully passive setup with rack-mount amplifiers if required or preferred. 

The CORE 8218SP is compact, lightweight, and can be flown or ground-stacked and possesses high output capability with low-frequency extension.

It contains a single Ultra-long 18” / 4” V.C. woofer is front-loaded, and the rear of the low-frequency driver is reflex loaded to extend the Low-frequency output to below the natural cut off point.

The proprietary rigging system of the CORE8218SP is directly compatible with the CORE 82A, CORE 82P, and CORE 8218A. Each enclosure is constructed with a threaded pole-mount socket on the top of each cabinet for use with the CORE82-BPSYS pole-mount and bracket system.

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